Introducing UFL Journey

📣 Another big UFL update coming your way! We listened to our community's feedback around the feeling that a sense of purpose has been lost, and we have worked hard on some big features that should help with that! 💪

There are 3 big features in this UFL update: Achievements, Gameweek Badges and Levels/XP!


Our idea with achievements was to provide you, UFL fans, with some relevant goals to work towards besides just enjoying playing games. We have tried to make all achievements well... achievable for everyone before the end of the current UFL 19 football season, although you will have to work hard to complete the whole collection! There are 4 collections to complete from ROOKIE to World Class.


For those UFL fans who enjoy competing hard for the highest spot possible in the leaderboards, we have some special news for you! The Top 100 in each Gameweek will receive special profile badges that will showcase your achievement for the duration of the following Gameweek! Currently there are special ones for the Top 3, Top 10, Top 25, Top 50 and Top 100, the better the achievement, the better the border! You will have to fight to retain it though, because when the leaderboards reset every Monday for the new Gameweek, the profile badges will be recalculated based on that Gameweek!


Having XP and player levels is an idea we have had for a while and it seemed like the perfect time to implement that idea with this release! You will mainly be able to earn XP by playing games but you can also get bonus XP by completing achievements. Diamond members get an additional XP boost. This is a great indicator to show just how experienced of a UFL pro you are!

We're continually working hard to make UFL even better and we would like to thank all of you for the support you constantly give us.