Welcome to the NEW UFL!

Thank you for your continued support of UFL. Today, we are making a significant change to the game in order to support a new business model going forward; free-to-play with subscriptions.

Dear loyal users,

For the past years UFL has been based on a coin economy that has supported the development of the game. Many users complained that the coin system was unfair, that they would lose coins too quickly and this especially impacted first time users new to the UFL real-time fantasy experience. It has made it complex to manage on our side.

Today, we are moving away from the coin economy as it will not sustain UFL for the long-term. We move to a far simpler and cleaner model; free-to-play subscriptions.

  • 95% of games on UFL will be completely free-to-play through ads
  • 5% of the biggest games will be available to play exclusively as 'Diamond Fixtures' through a Diamond Club subscription
  • There will be no more coins for entry, powerups or coin rewards
  • All leaderboards will change to a simple points-based leaderboard

The price of Diamond Club subscription has been halved to just £2.99 a month. Users who subscribe will have full access to 300+ matches a month without ads for less than the price of a Big Mac.

For those who are unable to pay, they can still play 280+ games a month just by watching ads.

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Overall, we feel this is a much fairer and cleaner model that gives UFL a chance of sustaining itself for the long term.

Existing coin balances will be exchanged for temporary tokens for Diamond Fixtures at the rate of 1,000 coins = 1 token. One token can be used for one entry into a Diamond Fixture if you do not have Diamond Club.

See you on UFL

Sohail Godall
Founder - UFL