Introducing UFL Social

πŸ“’ UFL release a major update which will change the way fans compete with friends and other fans.

With this update, you will be able to COMPETE DIRECTLY with friends and those you follow for EVERY live match πŸ“ˆ.

There is a new FOLLOWING RANK in the match Gamescreen that will display how your friends/following are ranked for the same match (if they are also playing).

We revamped SEARCH πŸ”Ž to help you easily find friends and other UFL players to FOLLOW. You can also get FOLLOWED to build up your profile.

Furthermore, we have added a GLOBAL TOP 50 RANK during live matches so you can check out how the very best players globally are performing. See which players they picked to help you work your to become a Pro playerπŸ₯‡like them. We're sure the best players on UFL will build a big following!

As part of this update, we removed Private Leagues to simplify the experience of playing UFL against others. No longer separate, but now as one simple user experience.

We know some fans who played in active Leagues may not like this at first, but we are certain this is the best long-term direction for UFL. Note, those users you competed against in past Leagues will be automatically be followed which means you're ready to compete against them in your next matches!

We are sure you will be as excited as we are about this BIG update πŸ‘Š.

UFL SOCIAL available on the latest iOS & Android update πŸ“²