Introducing UFL Predraft!

📢 Today, UFL has released a long awaited new feature which will change the way fans prepare for live matches.

UFL PREDRAFT is now available on the latest iOS & Android update 📲

What is Predraft❓

📆 Fans are now able to select players 7 days ahead of matches by Predrafting 5 players they would like to pick for a match.

⏰ Fans can still live draft a Predrafted game but if they miss doing so they will get players based on their Predraft selections should they be available.

So for example, if the first player of their selection has been already picked or he is not in the starting line-up, the second player of the list will be selected (if they are available), and so on.

📖 Check out the in-game tutorial explains every step of Predraft.


📈This feature provides fans an opportunity to plan ahead on matches they want to play. With enhanced UFL DraftScout player stats coming soon, there will be even more unique data to browse and think about which players they want to draft.

🚀 Look out for more exciting new features coming soon, including live global rank, friends/followers and UFL DraftScout.