Update on our servers!

Hey everyone,

We hope you are enjoying playing EURO 2016 on UFL. We thought we'd just give you a quick update about a couple of the issues we have had with our servers.

We were asked this by one of our users:

"Hello, I very much enjoying playing UFL. However I feel there are numerous issues that need to be improved. The game's servers are clearly not up to the usage level of the game, unsurprising given its rapidly increasing popularity. This means that during draft countdowns the clock gets stopped at 0:00 for a long time, for example today when it was frozen like this for around 10 minutes. In addition, when choosing a player, it sometimes doesn't work properly, for example today I picked my player but it wasn't registered and I instead got a force draft. Coins and profiles often don't load propedly when I open the app, and while this isn't major I would like to see it fixed.

Finally, the release of line-ups seems to be very inconsistent, such as in today's match between Italy and Spain when they were only in a minute before kick-off. This could be out of your control however I don't believe this was the case at least today, and they seem to have become later the longer I have played the game. This can sometimes cause me to miss my draft as I don't know when it will be starting, so perhaps it would be better to always release line-ups at a certain time, i.e. 30 minutes before so they will be definitely in, to avoid confusion and people missing their drafts. While this message may have sounded very negative, I would like to express that I am a great fan of this game and continue to play it despite these issues, however the fixes I have suggested would help to enhance the experience of myself and others and mean that I would be more likely to recommend the game to others."

This was our reply:

Hello, thank you very much for your feedback. We agree with all your points, they are fair and consistent with what we are seeing and hearing.

To clarify, Euro line-up's usually always come in 1 hr before kick-off from Opta. However, yesterday [For Spain v Italy] they were delayed and this had a knock-on affect on drafting where servers were rammed around kick-off with everybody trying to draft. We can assure you that we are working hard to fix this for next season, moving to a more solid architecture as we have outgrown our current one that was not built for the current scale of users.

In terms of profile, you will see some delay during the Euro's on this updating so that live games can run smoothly. We had to take this action so live games won't get affected. Again, this will be optimised for the new season.

We will also improve push notifications to ensure they are more timely and that less draft picks will be missed.

Improving the servers so the game can always run smoothly next season is our priority this summer. Thanks to everyone for your patience and support during the Euro's and make sure you stick around for next season!