UPDATE: Leagues With Over 20 Users to be Deleted

We are busy at work at UFL HQ improving the app for the new Premier League season starting August 13.

We are working on lots of exciting things: contests, more football leagues, improving coin rewards and more!

One of the biggest features we're changing is leagues.

Leagues with more than 20 users in will be permanently DELETED from August 1st.

After that date, the next time you login, you will no longer see them leagues on your profile.

The main reason for this is that big leagues have become incredibly hard to manage. At first we built leagues for groups of friends no bigger than 20. Big leagues as they are now (some with over 5000 users) have a knock-on impact on the app’s performance and stability.

If your league has 20 users in or under, NO changes will be made and you don’t need to worry. Your league leaderboards will be reset on August 1.

All the work we are doing this summer is to improve the fun, competitiveness and stability of UFL for an even bigger and better 2016/17 season.

In the meantime, enjoy your summer and MLS games!

Team UFL