Introducing UFL DataScout!

📣 UFL has released another major update! We thought, since we have access to amazing stats, why not use them?!

This update will come to you in the form of DataScout. This will mean access to much more detailed STATS 📈 that will help you play SMARTER and play BETTER!

DataScout is the AVERAGE points a player or team scores over 90 minutes, taken from their last 1000 minutes played. It is a very good indicator of FORM which will help YOU when deciding who to draft! 🤔

You will also get a DETAILED breakdown of that DataScout average divided by categories such as PASSING, SHOOTING and DEFENSIVE! 📊 This will help you easily see which player or team is best! If most of their average comes from PASSING, you know they are likely to get a lot of PASSING points. This will help when choosing what POWERUPS to use! ⚡

You will also get to see how the PLAYERS or TEAMS performed in their last 5 matches! This will also have a DETAILED breakdown by category 👊

If the players or teams are playing a live match, the AVERAGE points will change to LIVE points so you can see exactly what ACTIONS players or teams have completed over the course of the game! 👏

ACCESS all these DataScout stats by clicking on any PLAYER JERSEY or TEAM CREST anywhere on the app! 🙌

What to click

To celebrate this new release, we will be gifting EVERY user a free 💎 DIAMOND CLUB 💎 trial for 8 days! 🎉

Once this free trial has ended, you will need to purchase DIAMOND CLUB for complete access to all of the amazing stats offered.

DATASCOUT is now available on the latest ANDROID & IOS update 📲