UFL Tips No.3: Picking Full-Backs

Welcome to the third edition of UFL Tips, just in time for EURO 2016! This UFL tip comes from Ad Carr, who has been playing since February and is already a world class level player.

UFL Tip: Full-backs

Whilst naturally offensive players seem at first to be the best pick on UFL given the amount of points up for grabs for a goal, sometimes thinking tactically and picking full-backs is a better option.

This doesn't work in every situation, mostly for teams that exploit the wide areas of the pitch and tend to play a central striker who enjoys getting on the end of a cross. Prime examples are Barcelona (using Dani Alves and Jordi Alba out wide to supply Luis Suarez centrally), Tottenham (who always have Kyle Walker and Danny Rose overlapping their wingers and crossing into Harry Kane) and Bayern Munich (with David Alaba and Philipp Lahm). These players, for me, always get points as they're all over one side of the pitch.

There are endless opportunities for full-backs to gain points in UFL:

  • Passing to CBs for teams who play from the back.
  • Crossing to forwards (sometimes getting an assist).
  • Tackling when on the defence.
  • Winning headers from set pieces.
  • Dribbling up their side of the pitch.

Whilst it's hard to resist the temptation to pick a striker, hoping for a couple of goals, when goals dry up, forward players tend to be low-scoring, whilst it's inevitable for teams that exploit their wings, that full-backs will be getting points all the time!

So what players will it work well for in the Euro's? Keep an eye out for Kyle Walker and Danny Rose for England, Jordi Alba for Spain and Jonas Hector for Germany who have all done well in recent friendlies.

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