UFL Tips No.2: Ball Playing Defenders

Welcome to the second instalment of UFL Tips! In the first one we looked at using defensive rock on goalkeepers. Our second one comes from Jesper Bulykin from the Netherlands, who has been playing UFL since December 2014 And is a World Class level player.


"I usually try to pick defenders from teams that try to build up the play from the back. Teams like Tottenham with Alderweireld or Man United with Blind. They have the ball a lot and are guaranteed for a lot of points."

"People would argue that a striker scoring 2/3 goals would give way more points but when they don't score they don't get the ball often and aren't scoring you any points at all!"

So, what do the numbers say?!

Those of you who follow us on Twitter will know that we recently did a quiz to guess the top three players from both legs combined of the Barcelona v Atletico game. Two centre backs - Mascherano and Pique - were in the top 3:

Alderweireld's last three games by UFL points:

vs Stoke - 60
vs Man United - 97
vs Liverpool - 82

So, centre-backs benefit on UFL as much as anyone for teams who have a lot of possession and like to play out of the back, and are usually a great choice if you can resist the temptation of picking a more attacking player.

If you have a UFL tip you want to share, email cameron@ultimatefanlive.com and we will feature it next week!