UFL Tips No.1: Defensive Rock on Goalkeepers?!

Welcome to the first instalment of UFL Tips!

Our first UFL Tip comes from Hussein Dashti, who is a World Class level player and has been playing since December 2014.

Tip: It's best to use the defensive rock power-up on a goalkeeper so you're guaranteed to receive triple points on all their actions.

We decided to try it out for the Juventus vs Bayern game last week. I was around 25 points behind first place, so decided to trade in Manuel Neuer for the final 15 minutes and used a defensive rock on him. Here’s what happened:


So he scored some consistent bonuses for goal kicks & passes, and received a huge 27 points for the one save he made.

If you're in need of some points at the end of the game and have a defensive rock to use, it looks like a great way to earn some. The keeper just needs to make one save to score you some big points.

If you have a UFL tip you want to share it email us cameron@ultimatefanlive.com and we will feature it next week!