To our loyal UFL fans,

It's been over 2 years since UFL first soft launched. Most of you have known the app since last year, when we had crazy growth through working with the biggest FIFA YouTuber's. We went from 20,000 registered users to 850,000 in 2016, something we could never have imagined!

It was also the first year we started generating some revenue, after spending the first 18 months in R&D mode, doing endless user testing in building out the app.

There is a reason why nobody else has attempted to make a real-time fantasy game, because it is so incredibly complex! But we have done it and you fans are a testament to proving this is the future of how live sport should be followed. No longer passive, but interactive. Now social and competitive, where you become a part of the action wherever you are in the world. We know you fans feel this when playing but together we need to spread the word in order to grow UFL!

This is why we have decided in order to best grow UFL we will leverage our loyal following for a crowdfunding campaign over the next weeks. The proceeds from the crowdfund will help take UFL to the next level by allowing us to:

  1. Add more leagues next season that you demanded
  2. Build exciting new product features you requested
  3. Produce more YouTuber video's to spread the word
  4. Add more Sports beyond football! eSports, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, F1, Cricket, Rugby... there is no limit!

What does this offer?

This crowdfunding campaign is a unique chance for fans who believe in our future to become part of the UFL story by joining the business for the remainder of our journey!

If you cannot personally join, you may know someone who could be interested. The idea is to spread the word across all our networks.

Those joining will also receive some exclusive perks for the 2017/2018 season (coin bundles, diamond club access, UFL merchandise). More news on this soon!

How we will crowdfund

We will be using Seedrs, Europe's largest equity crowdfunding platform which allows people from a variety of backgrounds to invest with ease into startups. This will be combined with some high profile investors who will also participate in the raise. We believe this powerful combination of Audience + High Profile Investors is exactly what's required to make the campaign a huge success!

What is next?

At this early stage, we are gathering initial interest for those who would like to get involved.

For more details/questions on the crowdfund, please feel free to get in touch with myself: sohail@ultimatefanlive.com

Excting times ahead!

Capital at risk. Investment involves a number of risks, including a loss of capital.