UFL Around the World - Earn UFL Coins!

Welcome to UFL Around the World! As many have you might have seen, many popular YouTubers have been playing UFL with their mates and now we'd like to see YOU, the fans, try it out!

All you have to do is:

  • Upload a video of you and your mates playing UFL to YouTube and receive 10,000 coins to share between you.

  • Watch the full game and edit your footage into a 10 minute video of the best bits (see examples below). There must be a minimum of 2 of you and a maximum of 5 in the video. In the title of your video you should include 'UFL Around the World'.

  • For every 1000 views your video gets you will receive another 5000 coins, so get sharing and ask your all mates to watch it! If your video reaches 5000 views we will send you a huge 25,000 coins! For every extra 5000 views your video gets on top of this, you will receive another 25,000 coins!

  • We will retweet all YouTube videos that you share on Twitter to boost your view count

  • We want to see videos from all around the world, so it doesn’t matter which language you speak!

  • You must be over 16 to take part and receive the coins

Some examples:

So what are you waiting for? Play some UFL and get recording!