UFL 2016/17 Is Here!

It's FINALLY here! The 2016/17 football season is now upon us and UFL is back bigger and better for the new season.


You will see all fixtures are now labelled as Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. These all have different entry costs with different rewards. Check the rewards for each fixture by clicking on this rewards button:


The most common request we had last season was rewards for finishing in 2nd, 3rd and 4th. So, this season we've made a few changes, and as long as you play with at least 2 others, you WILL win coins back even if you don't finish 1st! You can find the exact amount for each fixture on the same rewards button as above.

Power-Up & Trade prices will also change depending on the type of fixture. For a Bronze game they will only cost 10 coins, which means you can use all your boosts and aim for the highest score possible.

Point Scoring:

alt We have made some improvements to point scoring during games and you can find the complete new table by clicking HERE


Leagues with over 20 users have been removed. We did this because they were affecting the apps stability & performance and had become too difficult for us to manage. You can read more on this HERE

Change Language

Want to play UFL in a different language? It’s now easier than ever with a drop down list from the settings tab on the left side bar.

THANK YOU for joining us for the 2016/17 season on UFL, we hope it’s going to be a brilliant one!

(P.S Look out for another exciting update soon!)