Introducing VIP Games!

The biggest UFL update this season is finally here with all new VIP Games!

Why play VIP?

  1. MASSIVE coin rewards: win up to 3,000 coins from a single game!
  2. STAKES are raised: with our matchmaking engine, you will pair with other VIP users who also want to raise the anti!
  3. PRIZES on offer: we will dish out our unique UFL jersey's to users playing VIP games.

When can I play VIP

Every Gold and Platinum game offers the chance to win big coin rewards. Remember, the higher you finish after the game, the more coins you will earn! (To play VIP, you need to download the latest version from the App Store).

How do I do win VIP games?

VIP games will attract the best of the best, so make sure you utilise all of your available Power-Ups to maximise your points and win the maximum coin reward.