Behind the scenes at UFL HQ we have been hard at work improving the rankings system. We are moving away from the old total points won, and moving to UFL Score.

What is UFL Score?!

UFL Score is a rating you receive after every game depending on your performance. We have been busy calculating ALL of your previous matches and your score shows how good a UFL player you are compared to everyone else.

How do I see my UFL Score?

Your UFL score is on your new profile screen. Visit it to see where you rank against 100,000+ other UFL fans.


Along with the new UFL score, we have introduced levels so you can quickly compare yourself to other players. Work your way up and become World Class!

Press the ā€˜iā€™ logo next to your UFL score on profile for more info.

How do I improve my UFL score?

By playing matches on UFL! The score takes into account the following:

  • The level of opposition. If you are a rookie and beat a world class player, your UFL score will get a huge boost.

  • Your score compared to the average score of the game.

  • Your position in the gameroom. 1st gets a higher score than 5th!

  • PLUS: Bonus scores for finishing in the following places:

  • Top 30% global +4
  • Top 10% global +8
  • Top 5% global +15
  • Top 1% global +30
  • Top global +60

Your UFL score can go UP or DOWN depending on all of these factors.

At the end of each game you will see a new finish screen which breaks down your UFL score for that game. You can look at old finish screens by clicking on 'results' in your profile.

Have a question? Give us a shout @UltimateFanLive or support@ultimatefanlive.com