INTRODUCING: UFL Draft Countdown

Welcome to the new UFL Update, and the major change is that we have now introduced a Draft Countdown for league games.

So what's it all about?!

When you press start draft on league games, you will now enter a 3 minute draft countdown. This means you can start getting ready to pick your players and means anyone who's not around has a few minutes to get back to make sure they get a chance to draft their players.

More features:

  • Any user can start the draft countdown when there are 2+ players in the game.
  • No one can leave during the draft countdown or during drafting.
  • You will receive a push notification (keep them on!) when the draft countdown begins.
  • You can still join a game that is in draft countdown. To the right of the invite on fixtures screen you will see a 'draft begins' timer which tells you when the draft begins.

If you have any questions feel free to tweet us @UltimateFanLive or contact us by email support@ultimatefanlive.com

Enjoy playing this weeks games on UFL!