Introducing New UFL leaderboard!

Today we're introducing a brand new leaderboard system that that we believe reflects better how users perform and rank on UFL.


UFL Rank is now calculated on a simple number; how many coins you have won from games played.

This is not calculated after coins spent or include coins won from contests, simply coins won in every match you play. Matches here include VIP as well as the standard Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum.

The coins won total is based on a rolling last 30 days.


By tapping on your rank, you will see the new UFL leaderboard.

Here you can compare your rank globally, by your country and by your favourite team. These were popular leaderboard filters from last season that were requested we add back.

The default leaderboard (rank) is based on rolling last 30 days but you can also see how you rank based on last 7 days.


We are introducing new badges that are much simpler and all based on your rank in the last 30 days:

  • Top 1%
  • Top 5%
  • Top 25%
  • Top 50%
  • Top 75%
  • Unranked


The existing UFL Score, we heard, became outdated. It complex to understand and progress was difficult once you get to World Class.

We believe this new, simpler scoring system solves these issues but also more accurately showcase how good a player you are on UFL.