Message from Founder

Thank you for being an amazing community. We have to make changes to UFL to keep this the best live fantasy experience - now and for many seasons to come.

Dear loyal players,

The story of UFL has been of creating a unique new type of fantasy game together with our players. We've built UFL to enhance the emotional experience of following live football. We're still early in our journey and we've got a long way to go.

Together, we've been able to build a truly great game supported by an even greater community. Thank you. All of your feedback has been listened to, and every single customer message we've received has been responded to.

Our goal is to make UFL even better and to be here for many seasons to come. Our players are constantly asking for cool new features and more leagues and games, but we cannot fulfil these unless we are able to make enough money to cover our costs. These include a substantial Opta license fee, server costs and feeding our dedicated team - who work tirelessly every single day to make UFL better for you all.

As a result, we've been working hard on testing a new economy that goes live today. This will help us get back on track and will ensure you have UFL for many seasons to come. Every part of the economy has been updated and some changes are not obvious, for example, whilst you now have to pay for every power-up, the actual power up and trade prices have decreased proportionally to allow you to engage more during matches.

The changes are not necessarily permanent and we will closely monitor the results.

We've also listened to our players and know that playing with friends delivers some of the best UFL moments. We're soon bringing back the Challenge Friends feature (with extra options) and we now reward much more coins for friend referrals - which is the lifeblood of how UFL grows through all of you spreading the word.

There will be many more exciting features coming to UFL soon.

Top 3 ways to support UFL:

  1. Buy one of our new coin bundles
  2. Subscribe to Diamond Club
  3. Invite your mates

Thank you for playing UFL, your understanding of our position and we look forward to your continued support.

See you on UFL

Sohail Godall (aka Pacman)
Founder - UFL